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About us

Handmade jewelry of the Viking Age and the ancient Slavs
    We are reviving a special interest in the culture of the ancient Slavs and Vikings preserved in thousand-year-old ornaments and symbols, awakening the energy of our ancestors.
    Jewelers' impeccable craftsmanship is complemented by the quality of an alloy of fine silver and gold.
    We create perfect decorations with deep meaning and an individual approach we reproduce them according to ancient sketches using different styles, from the style of "Urnes" to "Mammen."
Our Workshop
Private family workshop creating exclusive jewelry
Berloga (bears lair) is a private family workshop which for 8 years has been creating exclusive jewelry made of pure silver, reenacting them in absolute accuracy by archeological findings or ancient sketches from museums, as well as making personal design jewelry.
The brand symbol
Bear the ancient totem animal
The name of workshop is not random: the symbol of the brand is a bear, the ancient totem animal.

The bear was the most respected animal in Slavic and Scandinavian culture, along with the wolf and the raven. Slavs believed these animals to be their ancestors. According to legends bears lair (“Berloga” in Russian) was a channel to the Underworld, and its owner (a bear) was its guard.

The strength of the Bear - is the power of introspection. The receptive energy, completely covering human, which for centuries has supported magicians, mystics, shamans and predictors, is contained in the Energy of the Bear.
The Philosophy
Deep-rooted meaning with a personal approach
A unique approach to the creation of jewelry.

A particular interest to the culture of the ancient Slavs and Vikings show the young people who felt the awakening of the spirit of their ancestors.

It happened to me 12 years ago when I decided to devote all my spare time to the study of ancient artifacts, mythology and traditions of pagan Europe. All acquired knowledge I put in the creation of jewelry and amulets of Vikings and Slavs, reenacting them exactly - or adding my own vision, using the different styles, from the style of "Urnes" to my favorite - "Mammen."

Infused with the energy of ancient ornaments, filled with love and respect for the traditions of ancient peoples, these products will become your talisman, bringing luck and protecting from adversity.
Creating the jewellery
  • It all begins with values
    We are inspired by ancient drawings and symbols of ancestors.
  • The artist draws
    We study the value of each element, create a sketch. Find the most harmonious combination of characters.
  • The craftsman creates the piece
    The long way to create a product completes the careful handicraft of the jeweler, which consists of many technological steps.
  • The final polish
    The product undergoes a special processing process which helps to preserve the precious shine and unsurpassed decoration for a long time.
  • packaging
    Minimalistic gift wrap inside which your jewelry is carefully preserved in a linen bag.