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Pilke Science Center, Rovaniemi

Pilke Science Center is located in Rovaniemi located Metsähallitus Science Center, which was opened in June 2011 Pilke is an interactive place for visiting and learning environment for all ages. The exhibition of the Science Centre shows the sustainable use of northern forests - forest growth, cultivation and forest products. Next to the main entrance are the Pilke customer service and shop. The customer service department deals with issues related to the Pilkke Science Centre and Metsähallitus. Pilke products are connected to the Finnish forest.

Pilke is also the Metsähallitus office building with 135 employees. The building is an example of ecological wooden construction and Finnish architecture. Carbon dioxide emissions from Pilkke timber represent only one-third of the emissions of steel or concrete buildings of the same size. Technically, the Pilkke is a wooden column-beam structure. The chip facade consists of wooden load-bearing elements from the outer walls. Conveniences are transformable. Pilke House was designed by Artwork Palo Rossi Tikka Oy, APRT. The main designer was the architect Teemu Palo, and the project architect was Juhani Suyki.

Hotel Metsänhoitajaliitto ry awarded Pilkke with the Forest of the Year 2011.

Pilke Science Center, Rovaniemi