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Rovaniemi Art Museum

Rovaniemi Art Museum is a museum located in Rovaniemi (Finland).

In 1986, the Rovaniemi Municipal Art Museum was opened, which is also a museum of the province of Lapland, except for the Turnelven River Valley, whose history and culture are displayed in the Tornio Museum. It is located in the former car park building, which was built in the centre of Rovaniemi in the 1930s and reconstructed especially for the museum in the 1980s. The reconstruction was designed by the architect Juhani Pallasmaa.

After the reconstruction of the building the museum was opened to the public on October 17, 1986. In May 2011, the reconstruction of the remaining part of the car park into a museum complex was completed, which lasted two years. The Art Museum received additional premises, which also housed the Lapland Chamber Orchestra. The building was named Korundi Culture House. The total area of the building is 5,300 square meters.

The director of a museum - Hilkka Lijkkanen. In 2016, the museum was visited by over 32 thousand visitors.

The Art Museum's collection was based on the collection of the Jenny and Antti Vihuri Foundation, which has included more than 500 works of Finnish contemporary art since the late 1940s. Today, the museum's collections include more than 3000 works from the city's municipal collection, the collection of the Finnish Cultural Foundation and other repositories.

Rovaniemi Art Museum