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Santa Park, Rovaniemi

Santa Park is a tourist and business center located above the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, which is positioned as a home cave of Santa. It opened on November 28, 1998.

Santa Park is located along a four-lane road a few kilometers from Rovaniemi Airport in a cave dug in the Suvyanenev Rock. There is a bus running from the center of Rovaniemi to Santa Park.

Known as Santa's own home cave, the cave is open to the whole family in the summer from mid-June to early August and during the Christmas season from November to the first weeks of January. Visitors can meet Santa in his own office and take free photos with him. In addition, Santapark has the opportunity to decorate gingerbread gingerbread at Piparilla Piparimuori, meet the Ice Princess at the Ice Gallery, make Christmas decorations at Pujarija and graduate from the Elves School. You can also trim the Arctic Circle as the only place in the world. A fabulous train offers access to the four seasons.

Visitors are served by toy stores, Lapland and Christmas shops, Santa Park post office, ice bar, Candy bar and Kota café. The Christmas show can be seen on the main stage of Santa Park about three times a day. SantaPark is part of SantaPark Arctic World, whose family of brands also includes Santa Claus Secret Forest - Christmas, Arctic Forest Spa - Lapland Luxury, Arctic TreeHouse Hotel and Dear Restaurant & Bar.

Santa Park, Rovaniemi

Operation of the park began based on the plans of the British company Santaworld Ltd. The business idea was to operate an amusement park. The cost of building the park was about 6.7 million euros. The owners in the first days of the park were Finnair, MTV, Sampo, the Children's Day Foundation and Posti. Also present was the Ministry of Trade and Industry. At the beginning, the park did not achieve its business objectives and its authenticity was criticized, especially in Finland.

After the initial operating model encountered problems, the concept of the park was updated and Santa Park was turned into a Santa home cave with an emphasis on the Christmas theme, nature and snow. The main owner was the rural area of Rovaniemi and, after the municipality, the city of Rovaniemi.

On 24 March 2009, Santa Park Oy shares were sold to Santa's Holding. Behind the company and the largest owner of SantaPark stands a pair of entrepreneurs Ilkka Lankinen and Katja Ikekeimo-Lankinen, who specialize in adventure travel. The other owners are Lappset Group Oy . Former owners: Eero Sari, Children's Day Foundation, Sampo plc, Tapsan Tapuli Oy, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj , MTV Oy and Lapin Kansa Oy . The new owners Ilkka Lankinen and Katja Ikjaheimo-Lankinen have announced that they will invest in sales, marketing and operations optimisation and increase their turnover by half a million euros to two million euros.

Santa Park, Rovaniemi