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Santa Claus Post Office, Rovaniemi

The main post office of Santa Claus is a tourist destination in the village of Santa Claus behind the Arctic Circle, about 8 km north of Rovaniemi. It is the only official post office of Santa Claus, which is part of the Finnish postal services. It is open all year round, with more than 100 international media outlets and around half a million visitors from all over the world welcomed by the postal elves wearing Christmas costumes. In 1985, the Santa Claus Main Post Office received over 17 million letters. In 2014, Santa Claus received the most letters from China, Italy and Poland. Visitors to the Santa Claus Main Post Office can also read the letters sent to Santa Claus. The author of the letters can arrange delivery of the letters to them from Santa until Christmas. 

The building of the Santa Claus Main Post Office is built of natural stone and pine. In front of the building is the Elven Tower. In 1950, Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of the President of the United States, visited Rovaniemi. The Roosevelt Cottage was built to commemorate her first letter sent by mail from behind the Arctic Circle, bearing a special seal on November 6, 1950. The cottage is still across from the Santa Claus Post Office.

In December 2014, Google Street View photographed the interior of the Santa Claus Post Office as part of the Santa Claus Village for its special Street View collection. 

Each letter, card and parcel sent to the Santa Claus General Post Office is stamped and stamped with a special postal stamp. The Santa Claus General Post Office logo was designed by Finnish graphic designer Pekka Vuori. The logo is also a registered trademark. The postmark contains a stylised logo, which was changed to its current form in 2012 by graphic designer Jukka Talari. This special postmark behind the Arctic Circle is a popular collectible and souvenir object..

Santa Claus Post Office, Rovaniemi