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The Oulu Market Square

The Oulu Market Square or Oulu Market Square, or usually Torinranta, is located near the centre of Oulu, on the banks of the Oulujoki River, in the Pokkinen area.

Torinranta has been a trading post and port since the 18th century. Trade has been particularly active since Oulu acquired the rights to the main cities in 1765.

Around the market square are Oulu Market Hall, was opened in May 1901 by the Oulu City Theatre, then the Oulu City Library, Kiikeli Island and the guest marina Meritull is located there. In the market square in front of the market hall there is the famous statue of Toripolliisi. According to President Marty Ahtisaari, the north-eastern part of the square is named Ahtisaari Square.

On the place of the square was the former funky Esson petrol station, which was demolished in 1993. The petrol station was built in 1934.

There used to be a Hailuotolaiwa café on the market square. that operated inside the Hailuoto steamer. that rose on land from 1972 to the 1990s. In 1997, the vessel was moved to Varjacka in Lumijoki, where it is used for cafes and overnight stays.

The Oulu bus station, built in 1937, was located on the site of the current Autoranta parking lot on the square, which was moved to Raxila in November 1983.

The Oulu Market Square is known not only for its shopping areas, but also for its old fences, market hall and outdoor activities. Several concerts and events are held on the square every year. The Market Square is the venue of the Roviant in Oulu, among other places. In winter, the ice rink on the market square freezes.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the city government planned to build a railway line from Limingantull near the new market. However, the plan was not implemented.

The Oulu Market Square