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Tietomaa Science Centre, Oulu

Tietomaa Science Centre is the first Science Centre in Finland . It was opened to the public on 29 June 1988.  Tietomaa is located in the Mullutull district of Oulu, approximately 700 metres northwest of the railway station. The Science Centre operates in the former power plant and water tower of the Veljekset Åström Oy leather factory. The aim of Tietomaa is to present the achievements of science and technology in a fascinating and interesting form from everyone's point of view.

There is also a giant cinema in Tietomaa, which was the last cinema in Finland to regularly show 70 mm giant movies. These films were the so-called 80/70-mm copies of the same short films shown in Imax cinemas all over the world. Since 2013, the 3D movies have been shown on Barco 4K digital projection equipment.

The Tietomaa Science Centre is part of the Luuppi a. Museum and Science Centre.

In December 1984, a working group set up by the Oulu City Government began preparations for Tietokonemaa. The aim of the project was to involve companies with extensive experience in the computer industry. In the summer of 1985, Tietomaa Oy was founded, with shares in Oulu, Nokia and Valmet, among others. 

Tietomaa has had 74,567 visitors since 2008.

Tietomaa Science Centre, Oulu