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Turkansaari, Oulu

Turkansaari is an island on the Oulu River, about ten kilometers east of Oulu city center in the Madekoski area. The island is home to the Turkansaari Open Air Museum. Turkansaari open-air museum belongs to the National Council for National Cultural Environment in the list.

The museum area is an open-air museum area representing the rural culture, which consists of more than 40 museum buildings. Several old and valuable buildings were moved and restored on the museum territory. The open-air museum Turkansaari focuses on summer time, when a tar grave accumulates in the northern part of the museum area and is illuminated on Ivanov's Eve.

The open-air museum appeared when Osten Elfving bought the Turkansaari church on Raatinsaari and moved it to its original location in 1922. Later, Elfving purchased other buildings on the island, including the house of priest Hietaniemi from Julitornio in 1931 to manage the Turkansaari Foundation, to whom Helenius gave the island with his buildings in April 1961. The Foundation built a road to the opposite side of the island, and from there to the pontoon bridge to the island in 1964. In 1960s, barns, sauna, barn, workshop and summer barn were purchased. Yulikjarp's house was bought in this area in 1970.

On January 1, 1989, the Turkansaari Foundation gave the open-air museum to the city of Oulu. The open-air museum is now part of the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum.

Turkansaari, Oulu