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Hnoss loosely translates from Old Norse to "jewel" or likewise "gem". In Gylfaginning they depict Hnoss as, "... so lovely that whatever is beautiful and valuable is called [a] treasure from her name". She is ultimately the Norse goddess of ecstatic desires and temptation.


Einarr Skúlason (10th century Catholic Skald) refers to Hnoss as “Hǫrn’s (Freyja’s) daughter,” “Freyr’s niece,” and “Njǫrðr’s daughter’s child” so unless this translation is lost between him and Snorri Sturluson, then Hnoss is definitely a name of a daughter of Freyja.

Those who commonly work with her reference physiological and physical aspects of their unverified gnosis of Hnoss to have dirty-blonde or light brunette hair. This with similar viscosity to that of Freyja's and greenish-blue eyes that would resonate to her name, a jewel.

Though with her immense beauty and most likely acquired attention by the likes of many Gods-- she however remains poised, innocent and exuberant.