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Sjokvarteret, Mariehamn

Sjokvarteret (Dutch: "sea quarter") is located in the eastern harbor ("Osterhamn") on the Slemmern River in the city of Marihehamn, the capital of the autonomous Finnish province of the Åland Islands. It combines a marina, shipbuilding activity, a forge, a museum and a 300-meter shipyard. There is a restaurant, there are boathouses. At the end of the marina is a small chapel of skippers, where weddings and christenings are regularly held. A variety of traditional ships, including. The schooner has his own house here.

In the museum you can see the shipbuilding of a bygone era, as well as modern, and farm boats (storbåtar) and historic ship engines. Since 2014, work is underway on a traditional wooden fishing boat. There is also a copy of the lighthouse, as on the island of Cobba Clintar (but white).