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St. George's Church (Marihehamn)

Church of St. George (Swede S: t Görans kyrka) - City Church of Marihamna . It was built between 1926 and 1927 by the Finnish architect Lars Sonka. Artist Bruno Tuukkanen was responsible for interior design of the church. Bishop Max von Bonsdorf of the diocese of Porvoo consecrated the church December 11, 1927.

The church was built with the donations of marine counselor August Troeberg and his wife Johanna Troeberg. Transferred as a gift church artifacts. The tower of the church rises 30 meters, and its 37-voiced organ is the largest in the Aland Islands. The organ was built by the organ factory Grönlund in Gammelstad, Sweden, in 1969 and renovated in 1982. The oldest of the three church bells in the tower - from the fortress Bomarsund .

The tabernacle depicting the stages of Jesus' life from birth to resurrection, as well as stained glass paintings depicting the Holy Family and the Apostles, are the work of Bruno Tuukkanen from 1959 and 1961. The baptismal font in granite with a silver part and lid dates back to 1934.

St. George's Church (Marihehamn)