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Puijo, Kuopio

Puyo is a hill and a nature reserve at the edge of the grid in Kuopio. The height of the hill is about 150 meters above the surface of Callavesi and 232 meters above sea level. Puyo and the Tower of Puyo on its summit are also one of the most famous tourist attractions of Kuopio. Over time, Puio, which was considered an urban sports center, also began to conquer many winter sports in Finland.

Most of Puio was a nature reserve since 1928. This was the first protected area in Finland, created for private land. The old reserve occupied 63 hectares. Puijo now has 208 hectares of protected forest, most of which is part of the EU Natura program. The most significant parts of the area are the Satulanotko and Antikkalanrinne groves on the Puijo Range and Kokonmäki Spruce. The village in the middle is arable land with an area of three hectares.

An extensive sports center has been planned for Puionlaakso since the 1950s, including an ice rink, a gym and an outdoor swimming pool, hockey and tennis courts, and a ski stadium. In the 1960s it was decided to hold two design competitions, based on which the area was divided into sports and recreational. Construction began in the late 1960s. Routes, trails and training fields were built in the 1970s, jumping jumps in the 1980s and 1990s, and a baseball stadium in the 21st century. Shelters Puijonlaakso began playing sports in the 1970s.

The Puijonlaakso area was an ideal place to exercise in grandiose visions. However, in practice, building sports facilities was problematic.  Protected forests and other environmental values, compared to last year, hindered larger construction. Hurry and other growing areas also sometimes dragged certain directions to other places. For example, the skating rink was located in Niirala, although in previous plans it was located in Puyo. The sports center in Niirala expanded with an indoor pool (late 1960s), an ice rink with artificial ice, an ice rink and bowling (1970s). More recently, it was completed in the 1990s with the Kuopio Hall... In fact, the plans of Puijo were fully realized only in relation to winter sports and fitness.