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Lappeenranta Sand Castle

Lappeenranta Sand Castle is a sand castle, which is built in Lappeenranta every year. Just over three million kilograms of sand are accumulated in the right places, tamped and, if necessary, molded, after which you can start carving itself. The sculptures are very resistant to weather fluctuations. The reason is that a mixture of glue and water, sprayed on the works of art during the finishing phase, glues together even the smallest details to protect against weathering.

The sand castle was first built near the port of Lappeenranta in 2004. The themes of the castle change every year.

The sand castles of 2010 and 2011 were designed according to children's ideas and drawings. The theme of the 2011 circus was planned for up to 250 children from different schools and kindergartens.

In connection with the sand castle various activities are organized for children and families with children. In 2010, the castle hosted theatrical performances for children, a giant sandpit, an inflatable castle, Nikko freeway, a street promenade, a cafe and an ice-cream shop. In addition, near the castle will be built a playhouse village of Vilranta. Lappeenranta Youth Chamber of Commerce is responsible for the construction and landscaping of Villiranta. 

The annual number of visitors to Hiekkalinna is constantly growing and already exceeds 180 000 people. Hiekkalinna is part of Amusement Harbour complex, which offers many free hobbies. The sand castle is open from June to the end of August.

In 2018, the public will also have the opportunity to carve the sand castle with sculptures open to all.

Lappeenranta Sand Castle