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Karelia Aviation Museum, Lappeenranta

Museum of Aviation of Karelia ( Finnish : Karyalan Ilmailumuseo ) is Lappeenranta airport in Lappeenranta , Finland . The museum is run by Kaakkois-Suomen ilmailumuseoyhdistys ry . The museum is also known as the South East Finland Aviation Museum (Fin . Kaakkois-Suomen ilmailumuseo ).

The museum is located in two covered halls and shows fighter jets and smaller objects from the Second World War and later.

Presented aircraft include:

MiG-21 BIS (MG-127),
Saab 35 Draken (DK-213),
Saab 91 Safir (OH-SFB) as well as
Replica of Jorma Kettunen Nieuport 17 (OH-U323).
In 2005, the museum also had Hurricane Hawker (HC-452), provided by the Aviation Museum of Central Finland .

Among the smaller objects presented - radial engine from Fokker CX, sunk in Lake Saimaa, the engine and various parts from Tupolev SB, which fell in Juliamaa .

In winter, the museum is closed.

Karelia Aviation Museum, Lappeenranta