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Wolkoff House Museum, Lappeenranta

Volkov House-Museum is located on Kauppakatu Street, in Lappeenranta's center, near the Town Hall. This merchant house is one of the oldest preserved wooden buildings in Lappeenranta. The house was built in stages between 1826 and 1905, the oldest part was built by merchant Claudlin. The plot of land belonged to different merchants before it was purchased by the merchant Ivan Volkov in 1872.

Subsequently, four generations of the Volkoff family lived in the house until 1983. Initially, the heirs of Ivan Volkov, who grew from a Russian serf to a gardener, and finally, to a respected merchant, continued to trade on this land. . Later, they also rented out the premises to other merchants.

In 1986, the Volkoff family heirs gave the house to the city of Lappeenranta for use as a museum. Placed under the jurisdiction of the Lappeenranta Museums Directorate, the house was opened to the public in 1993. Volkoff's house is a unique fragment of the city's history.

During a tour of the rooms, visitors can get acquainted with the history of the Volkoff family and admire authentic household items preserved in the house. Russian Orthodox family traditions can be traced throughout the house. The excursion begins at the women's restroom and bedroom and continues to the living room, and from there to the gentleman's office. The dining room is in the new wing, which was completed in 1905. Your tour will end with a visit to the bedroom, children's room and kitchen, which are also located in this wing, which is a modern style (Jugendstil).

Visitors enter the museum from Kauppakatu Street through the former storeroom, where among the exhibits are treasures that were not originally part of the interior of the house, but were found in the attic. Accompanied by a guide, the merchant's house itself is accessed through the inner courtyard. Museum's reception desk and souvenir store are located in the stores' area, offering a wide range of souvenirs.

The museum's special feature is the expositions, which are put up during the religious holidays of Christmas and Easter, and occupy an important place in the Russian Orthodox calendar. During these festivals, the house museum is decorated with holiday decorations, and the museum's store sells seasonal products.
The house also has an annex - a bakery, which was completed in 1845, and for many years there was a tailor's studio. Today, the room is a first-class restaurant Café-Restaurant Wolkoff, opened in 1998.

Wolkoff House Museum, Lappeenranta