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Mullusaari Family Park, Lappeenranta

Mullusaari Family Park is a popular recreation and entertainment area in Lappeenranta near the center, on the shore of Lake Saimaa. At Mullusaari you can swim and visit the sauna, do sports, park, play beach volleyball on the first-class fields. In the green areas there is a place to relax while swimming and doing sports.

In winter, Mullusaari has two places for outdoor swimming: one with a swimming pool and the other with a public sauna.

Mullusaari, located east of the Gulf of Mullusaari, is actually a narrow and long peninsula extending into Lake Saimaa. Mullusaari has many beach facilities such as a swimming pool with diving towers, a soft sandy beach suitable for children, a slide for toboggan and many green areas. In addition, there are beach volleyball courts, a children's playground, a fitness center and a climbing area, a beach cafe and a public sauna. Juniors in the family like to play street basketball, "fold" on the parkour.

On the east coast of the peninsula there is a base for rowers and paddlers.

Easy transportation routes Mullusaari are also available for wheelchairs. A recording camera has been installed throughout the area to prevent vandalism and debris, as well as to improve security in the area.

Next to the Myllysaari family park, there is a beach for dogs.

Mullusaari Family Park, Lappeenranta