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Latin Quarter, Copenhagen

Latin Quarter is an area in the city center of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is limited to Nørregade in the west, Vestergade in the south, Vester Voldgade in the east and Nørre Voldgade in the north.  The name refers to the Latin language, which was once widely spoken at the University and its surroundings, the historical house which is located on the other side of Norregade. Much of student life has been moved to the four new campuses, but the area is still known for its vibrant atmosphere with many boutiques, cafes, and nightclubs.

The area around Our Lady Square has been a center for learning and therefore using Latin since the Middle Ages. The term Latinerkvarteret used to refer to the larger area on both sides of the square, including the Store Kannikestrde , Krystalgade and Fiolstrde .

In 1208, Bishop Peder Suneson founded the Latin school and a group of noble canons at the Church of Our Lady. When the University of Copenhagen was founded in 1479, he occupied the old town hall and after the Reformation, the bishops' palace on the north side of Our Lady Square. The University took over the responsibility of educating priests, while Our Lady's School was preserved as the only Latin school in Copenhagen. In 1817 it was renamed the School of Our Lady of Copenhagen. With the Reformation, Danish replaced Latin as a church language, but Latin remained the dominant language at the university until around 1800.

Latin Quarter, Copenhagen