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Konditaget Luders, Copenhagen

This place for recreation is built on the roof of the parking at a height of 24 meters above the ground. Overlooking the Nordhavn district of Copenhagen, you can practice, play ball or just get to know the city from a point of view usually reserved for the chosen few.

Konditaget Lüders is a recreation area uniquely located on the roof of a multi-storey parking lot. All the year round it invites the public to go in for sports, play or just to look at the northern harbor of Copenhagen from the bird's eye view.

Two diagonal stairs, attached to the facade, rise 24 meters above the ground and lead to the roof. The facade's decorative friezes depict important buildings, people and businesses from Nordhavn's long industrial history, and curly plants add characteristic green touches to the giant red structure.

Climbing up to the roof, the visitor's eye can see a spacious, almost Martian landscape. At the far end, serious athletes swing on bars, while children jump on trampolines on the floor or crawl on ropes in the center of the tower descending to the sky, which rewards successful climbers with a beautiful view of the spires of Copenhagen in the distance.

There are few open public spaces in the densely built Århusgadekvarteret. Konditaget Lüders seeks to facilitate this by becoming an active part of the city, combining urban functions that are otherwise separated. This is the first parking lot in Denmark with a roof rest area.

Upsycling on the first floor

The local recycling station on the first floor was designed in cooperation with Lendager Group, one of the world leaders in recycling. Apseycling differs from recycling in that it does not have to reuse this material for its original purpose, but instead finds new ways to enhance the value of the material.

At local recycling plants, 90 percent of materials are recycled, and the results speak for themselves. Users are greeted by old window frames framing a dark wall and then reusing plastic tubes, which send them to recycling depots. This intuitive design makes it easier for residents to reuse and recycle. The center of the station is an exchange point where items that are too good to be discarded can be exchanged. This area is also designed as a venue for flea markets, seminars and recycling negotiations.

Rarely do architects design recycling plants and garbage rooms, but the results here point to a future in which all building functions have new and greater potential.

Konditaget Luders, Copenhagen