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Theatre Museum in the Court Theatre, Copenhagen

The Theatre Museum in the Court Theatre is located in Christiansborg Palace on Slotsholmen, Copenhagen, Denmark, above the Royal Stables, so it is on the first floor of the building. His collection describes the history of Danish theater from the 18th century to the present day.

Originally, the museum was founded in 1912 by a private group of theater enthusiasts. Under the direction of Robert Nejendam (1880-1966), head of the Theatre Museum of the Court Theatre, it was moved to the old Court Theatre in 1922.

The museum deals with the history of Danish theater and seeks to document the history of professional theater with a collection of paintings, letters, costumes, props and models of theatrical buildings and decorations. The courtyard theater is actually part of the museum's exposition because the public has free access to walks around the theater building. The auditorium is also used for various events such as readings, lectures, concerts and performances of young guests. A television program, such as Det Nye Talkshow - med Anders Lund Madsen, is broadcast live from the Court Theatre.

Theatre Museum in the Court Theatre, Copenhagen