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Danish National Art Library, Copenhagen

The Danish National Art Library is the national scientific and technical library for architecture, art history, fine arts and museology in Denmark. It was founded in 1754 as part of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and was located in Charlottenborg "s Nihavn Wing in Copenhagen . In 1996, it became an independent self-governing institution. The Library is a member of the Danish Association of Research Libraries.

The Danish National Art Library has the largest collection of historical and fiction literature in Northern Europe (over 300,000 volumes). It continues to grow, as it has since 1754. The collection includes a quality selection of books on architecture, fine arts, art history and theory, and interdisciplinary museology.

The Architectural Drawing Collection includes about 300,000 objects from the mid-16th century to the present day. To date, about 14,000 drawings have been digitized. The library contains visualizations of Danish architects, both realized and unrealized, measurements of national and foreign architecture, architectural school drawings and track sketches.

The main department of the library has a reading room at Nyhavn 2 in the center of Copenhagen. Tare and fragile materials such as rare books and architectural drawings can only be studied in the special classroom in Söborg.

Danish National Art Library, Copenhagen