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Christiansborg Slot Tower, Copenhagen

Tower of Christiansborg Palace 106 meters high - the highest tower in Copenhagen, it offers a magnificent view of the rooftops of the city. Access to the tower is free, and if you want to add a little spice to the experience, you can have lunch in the Tower restaurant.

Christiansborg Palace was once home to kings and queens, but after one of several large fires the royal family moved to Amalienborg Palace in the late 1800s and never returned.

The tower was built as part of the third, current Christiansborg Palace, built in 1907-1928. Like the rest of the palace, it was designed by architect Thorwald Jorgensen.

The tower of Kristiansborg Palace 106 meters high is the highest tower in Copenhagen - 40 centimeters above the tower of the City Hall.

Free access to the Tower

Today, Christiansborg, also known as the Borgen, houses the Danish Parliament, and in June 2014 the tower opened to the public, which means that everyone can access the tower for free and enjoy the magnificent view of Copenhagen.

The entrance to the Tower is on Slotsholmen Island in the center of Copenhagen. The entrance to the tower is at the Royal Gate, a large gate in the center of the palace (just under the tower).

The Royal Gate can be accessed from Palace Square and the Inner Courtyard (over the Marble Bridge and riding platform). From the entrance to the top of the tower has an elevator. Do not use the stairs.

May be a queue, as there is little space upstairs.

Christiansborg Slot Tower, Copenhagen