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Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen

Fotografisk Center is an exhibition space in Copenhagen, Denmark, dedicated to international and Danish photo art. Since January 1, 2016, it is located in the Copenhagen Meat Processing Plant at Staldgade 16, 1799 Copenhagen V.

Center Fotografisk was founded in 1986 by photographer Lars Schwander. Originally it was located on the first floor of the Kunstforeningen building on Gammel Strand. When the building was closed for major renovation in mid-2008, the center moved to a temporary address on Amaliegade . Faced with years of violations in connection with the upcoming construction of the station on the new City Ring Line in the subway of Copenhagen, it was decided not to return to Gammel Strand after the repair, but instead to look for new and more spacious premises. On February 1, 2011, the gallery reopened in Tap E, a former bottling plant in the Carlsberg District, Carlsberg, which is being rebuilt into a new area, is now a place of growing concentration of cultural institutions and businesses.

It offers a full range of artistic photography with equal emphasis on both classical and contemporary photography by international artists as well as Danes. The annual exhibition presents the winners of the Fogtdal Photographers Awards.

Over the years, the exhibitions have featured works by Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Giselle Freund, Alfred Guzzetti, Joseph Kudelka, Henri Lartik, Sally Mann, Dwayne Michals, Inge Morat, Georg Oddner, Yoko Ono, Man Ray, Viggo Rivad, Bruce Guilden and much more.

The Center also has a well-equipped bookstore specializing in photography. It features major international publications, limited edition artists' books, as well as many of its own publications.

The Fotografisk Center has also created a Digital Room, a well-equipped Digital Dark Room and a workshop available to artists.

Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen