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Palmehus, Сopenhagen

The botanical garden is located in the center of Copenhagen. The garden covers an area of 10 hectares and is especially famous for its extensive complex of historical greenhouses, built in 1874. The garden is open to the public.

The Botanical Garden was first established in 1600, but it was moved twice before it was finally given its current location in 1870.

The garden has more than 13000 species and is divided into various sections, including: Danish plants (600 species), perennials (1100 species), annual plants (1100 species), mountaineering with plants from the mountain areas of Central and Southern Europe and conifers. The hill is planted with coniferous trees. One of the newest inclusions - rhododendron garden.

June 29, 2018 in the Botanical Garden opens a new House of butterflies, which will work in the summer season. Here visitors can get acquainted with the fascinating life and transformation of butterflies.

Old Glasshouse

There are 27 greenhouses in the garden. The most remarkable is an old palm house built in 1874, the height of 16 meters with a narrow cast-iron spiral staircase leading to the passage upstairs.

The garden also has a special greenhouse with air conditioning, which can recreate an environment suitable for arctic plants.

There is also a cafe in the Botanical Garden, where you can order soft drinks.

Palmehus, Сopenhagen