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Overgaden, Copenhagen

Overgaden - The Institute of Modern Art has existed since 1986 and is one of Denmark's most important experimental exhibition halls for contemporary art.

Overgaden annually presents about ten exhibitions of Danish and international contemporary art, with a personal exhibition at the center of attention. Through these solo exhibitions Overgaden produces new contemporary art projects at the highest artistic level, crossing media and generations. An important part of Overgaden's profile also consists of experimentation with exhibition formats and the relationship between artists, the art institution and the audience.

Overgaden focuses on close contact with art scenes and continuously presents an extensive program of events, negotiations and performances in cooperation with art professionals from Denmark and abroad. Similarly, a central part of the identity of Overgaden is to serve as a generator of discussion and knowledge about contemporary art and its role in society.

Overgaden is an independent institution whose board of directors includes Mikkel God (Chairman), Director of the National Gallery of Denmark, Ruth Kampau, artist, Mette Winkelmann, artist, Ebbe Stub Wittrup, artist, Matthias Mel Dalsgaard, CEO, GoMore, Helle Brons, CEO of the Sore Art Museum, and Jens Lund Mosbek, lawyer, Kroman Rehmann.

Overgaden, Copenhagen