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V1 Gallery, Copenhagen

V1 Gallery is a modern art-gallery located in Meatpacking in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was founded in 2002 by designer Jesper Elg and photographer Peter Funch.  V1 Gallery received an international celebrity, becoming the first art gallery in Scandinavia exhibit international street art pioneers such as Banksy (UK) and Eine (UK), Faile artist team (USA / JAP), Futura 2000 (USA), Zevs (France) and OBEY / Shepard Fairey (USA). The gallery was named "the coolest art gallery in Copenhagen" by The New York Times and included in ArtNet's list of "Europe's Best Modern Galleries". 

Among the most famous projects of the gallery:

  • The Boredom Project by Faile in 2002
  • Banksy VS EINE by Banksy and EINE in 2003
  • The Hunt For Your Family featuring artists such as Devendra Banhart, Adam Green (musician), and Chris Johanson curated by Galleri Loyal in 2004
  • OBEY by Shepard Fairey in 2004
  • Futura - Year In Pictures by Futura 2000 in 2005
  • Random Happenings with Dash Snow in 2005
  • Coup de Theatre by Jakob Boeskov in 2005
  • MuhameDansk by HuskMitNavn in 2006
  • Highmath curated by Arkitip in 2006
  • V-B by Dearraindrop in 2006
  • Super Fortress by Richard Colman in 2006
  • Rehearsal For Death by Neck Face in 2007
  • Trouble by Todd REAS James in 2007
  • Babel Tales by Peter Funch in 2007

V1 Gallery, Copenhagen