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Eyrarland Statue, Akureyri

Eyrarland Statue is a bronze statue of a sitting figure (6.7 cm) from about 1000 g. The statue was restored on Eyrarland farm in Akureyri, Iceland. This object is exhibited at the National Museum of Iceland . The statue can depict the Scandinavian god Thor and / or can be a game.

The statue was found in 1815 or 1816 on one of two farms called Eyrarland in the vicinity of Akureyri.

If the object is correctly identified as Thor, Thor here holds his hammer Mjöllnir, molded in a typical Icelandic cross shape. It has been suggested that the statue is connected with a scene from the poem "Poetic Edda" Þrymskviða, where Thor extracts his hammer when he sits, grabbing it with both hands during the wedding ceremony. Another suggestion comes from the archaeologist Christian Eldjarne, who wrote that this may be the central part of the Hnefatafl set, based on its resemblance to a smaller whale mustache figure found in Baldur heimura along with black and white game chips and a cube.

Eyrarland Statue, Akureyri