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Rallinge Statuette, Sodermanland

Statue of Rällinge is a sitting figure in bronze, found in Södermanland , Sweden in 1904 and timed to the Viking Age . The figure of seven centimeters tall, which wears a tapered headdress, pulls down a sharpened beard and has an erection penis, is often considered the god Freyr . This is due to the description of the phallic statue of Freyr in the Temple in Uppsala in the XI century, but the identification is not clear.

It was also suggested that the figure is a playful figure, playing the flute and the god Thor, waving his beard to create the wind. If it is an image of a god, then it may be a small religious statuette of the type mentioned in the ancient Scandinavian sagas. The object is in the collection of the Swedish Museum of History .

The object was discovered in the spring of 1904 at Relling Farm in Lund Parish, Sedermanland, Sweden. According to the original report, it was discovered by Edward Holmgren in the farm garden under "a huge swamp of stones, earth and several large trees and bushes. In 1990, archivist Thomas Skalm presented documents stating that it was found by a 12-year-old boy, Gustav Karlsson, in the farm's potato field; Karlsson sold it to Holmgren for 25 AD and Holmgren went to the Swedish History Museum in Stockholm, where he received 20 kronor for it. It is still kept in the museum.

The statue is made of bronze and dates back to the end of the Viking Age, around 1000. It is 6.9 cm (2.7 inch) high and weighs 141.3 grams (4.98 ounces). Judging by the design and difference from modern art from continental Europe, it is assumed that it was made by a Scandinavian sculptor. The figure sits with his legs crossed, with his right hand wrapped around his beard, and his left hand lies on his knee, with no part of his left hand. He wears a bracelet on each wrist and a tapered helmet or a pointed hat on his head. The beard is pointed, long and is accompanied by a large upturned mustache. The shape is Itiphallic, which means it is depicted with an erection penis. The back of his shoulders and his buttocks are decorated with figured patterns.

Rallinge Statuette, Sodermanland