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In Norse mythology, Gillingr was a giant, father of Suttungr and Baugi and grandfather of Gunnlöð. In skaldskaparmál does Gilling figure as Suttung's father. Gilling and his wife were murdered by Fjalar and Galar. Gillingr is also a surname, although not very common.


Two dwarfs, Fjalarr and Galarr, invited Gillingr and his wife to pay them a visit. They asked Gillingr to come with them on their boat out to sea. The dwarfs rowed onto a shoal, and the boat capsized. As Gillingr could not swim, he drowned. The dwarfs, however, righted their vessel and came back to land. Gillingr's wife was distressed at the news; the dwarfs asked if she might feel better if she could look out to where the accident happened. The dwarfs had grown tired of her, however, and agreed to drop a millstone on her head as she walked out through the door; and so they did.

Suttungr vowed to get revenge and tied them to a rock that would soon be covered by the rising tide. The dwarfs begged to be let free and promised to give him the mead of poetry as a "thank you" for saving them. Suttungr agreed and received the mead of poetry as a result.