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Seeress, Fyrkat

A very strange grave of a Viking woman was found in the Firkat ring fortress, near Hobro, in Denmark. Among only about 30 burials on this place, it stands out with its unusual inventory. It was the grave of a woman who may have been a fortune teller.

During the burial, the woman was dressed in beautiful blue and red clothing, decorated with a gold thread, which had royal status. Like the richest women, she was buried in a body harnessed by horses. She was given ordinary women's gifts, such as spindles and scissors. But there were also exotic items from foreign countries, which indicated that the woman must have been rich. On her fingers were silver rings, which could not be found anywhere else in Scandinavia. In addition, two bronze cups were found in her grave, possibly from Central Asia.

Among the unusual objects were a metal stick and the seeds of a poisonous plant were white. These two accessories are related to a seer. The most mysterious object is the metal wand. After a long stay in the ground, it partially collapsed. It consists of an iron stick with bronze fittings. Perhaps it was a wand associated with the practice of magic - a wand of corduroy or magic wand.    
The seeds of white were found in a small purse. If these seeds are thrown into a fire, a light hallucinogenic smoke will form. In the right amount, they can cause hallucinations and states of euphoria. Henben was often used by witches of later periods. It could be used as a "witch's ointment" to get a psychedelic effect if magicians rubbed it into their skin. A woman from Firkat did this? Her belt buckle had white lead in it, which was sometimes used as part of skin ointment. 

Other objects in the tomb support the argument that the woman was a visionary. At her feet was a box with various objects, such as owl pellets, bones of small birds and mammals. 

In the grave there was also a so-called brooch from Gotland. Apparently, the Voleva reused the hollow brooch as a container for "white lead". White lead is a white dye that has been used in medicine for over 2000 years - for example, in skin ointments. It is poisonous in concentrated form.

Seeress, Fyrkat