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The Aurochs, Vig

The skeleton of a prehistoric bison was found in a swamp in Wiig, Odsherred, in 1905 while digging the sod. The huge animal weighed almost 1,000 kilograms and its shoulders were almost 2 meters high. It was the largest and most dangerous animal in the forest. However, the bison could not withstand the arrows of Stone Age hunters. During the last phase of the Ice Age, bison grazed in Denmark, but disappeared again as the sea level rose. Bison from Vig died more than 10,000 years ago. On Zealand and Funen the auroch became extinct 7,000 to 7,500 years ago, but in Jutland it survived until the early Iron Age. 

The species is known from finds of bones more than a million years old. During the Stone Age, the bison were widespread in parts of Europe, Asia, and coastal areas of North Africa. Today the bison are extinct, having been wiped out by man. The last European auroch was killed in Poland in 1627.