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Treasure from Hornelund

The hoard from Hornelund was found near Varda and contains two brooches for clothing and a gold hand ring. The two brooches are the finest of the Danish Viking Age. The relief of the brooches is embossed on the matrix. They are decorated with wire filigree and granulation. Their embellishment with foliage and vine leaves comes from Christian art. The heads of northern animals on one brooch show that they were made by a Danish goldsmith in the last half of the tenth century.

In the Viking Age, gold was far from as common as silver. Despite this, gold hand rings were also adjusted in weight by adding smaller gold rings. Like silver, gold could be used as a means of payment in the Viking Age . Gold rings occasionally appear in large silver hoards, but often gold objects are found separately or together with other gold jewelry. The gold hoards of the Viking period probably represent both sacrifices and hidden capital.