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Hiddensee treasure

The Hiddensee treasure was found in 1873 on the German island of Hiddensee in the Baltic Sea by accident, during the recovery from the great floods of 1872 and 1873.

The treasure consists of 16 pendants, a brooch and a neck ring. They are all made of gold, weighing a total of 600 grams. This is the largest find of Viking gold artifacts in Germany.

The jewelry dates back to the late Viking period, c. 10th century. The pendants include both Scandinavian pagan and Christian symbols - the hammer of Mjolnir Thor and the cross. It is possible that the jewelry originally belonged to the family of the Danish King Harald Blutus .

A copy of the Hiddensee treasure can be seen today in the Hiddensee Local History Museum. The original is kept at the Museum of Cultural History of Stralsund and has been on display there since December 2015.