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Breckenbrough Hoard

The Breckenbrough Treasure is a hoard of gold and silver coins dating from 1644, during the English Civil War. It is in the collection of the Yorkshire Museum.

The treasure was discovered by Mr. C. Greensitt while leveling the ground in the covered cattle yard of his farm at Breckenbrough. The coins were still in a ceramic vessel that was tiled and marked with stone. It was declared a coroner's treasure on September 25, 1985 and subsequently examined at the British Museum.

The treasure contains 30 gold and 1,552 silver coins with a total value of 93 pounds sterling and 5 shillings contained in a Rydale ceramic vessel. Of these, 33 of the coins were Scottish, 35 Irish, and 12 Spanish. The treasure also contained two receipts for cheese requisitioned by the Royalist army on January 17, 1644; These receipts were signed by John Guy, deputy supply general of the York garrison.