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Haddiscoe Hoard

This hoard contains 316 silver coins and was found in Haddiscoe, less than ten miles from Great Yarmouth, in July 2003. The coins belong to four monarchs from Edward VI to James I. They are believed to have been buried during the English Civil War. This is the largest of the three hoards of the period found in Norfolk.

The hoards consist of two shillings of Edward VI, three sixpence of Edward VI, ninety-one shillings of Elizabeth I, thirty-eight shillings of Elizabeth I, twenty-five shillings of James I, thirty-six half-crowns of Charles I, ninety-six shillings of Charles I and thirteen sixpence of Charles I. In modern value this would be the equivalent of more than fifteen pounds or more than £1,000 today. In the seventeenth century this amount could buy two horses or two cows and amount to 214 days' wages for a craftsman engaged in the building trade.

Great Yarmouth was a stalwart parliamentary town during the Civil War. The Elizabethan House Museum, where the treasure is displayed, became a regular meeting place for parliamentarians during that period. Oliver Cromwell is reported to have visited several times and the "Conspiracy Room" in the building, called the place where the officers met in December 1648 to decide the fate of the defeated King Charles I.