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Mitton Hoard

The Mitton Treasure is a hoard of silver coins found near Clitheroe in Lancashire, England, in 2006 or 2009 The treasure is now in the Clitheroe Castle Museum. The documented hoard consisted of 11 silver coins or parts thereof.

Mitton is divided into two villages, Great Mitton and Little Mitton. This find was first discovered west of Great Mitton between the Hodder and Ribble Rivers. The find was near a bend in the Hodder River. One source reports that these coins were found in 2006, while another reports that the coins were discovered with a metal detector on Monday, September 7, 2009. The treasure has been declared a treasure, and it has received museum services. The treasure is now on display at the Clitheroe Castle Museum.

The treasure can be dated to the date of the last coin included in the treasure and dates back to the 1420s. Three of the coins were the oldest and dated to the reign of Edward I or Edward II. The purity of English silver is 97.5%, while the French fragments are 80% silver. These coins, with the exception of the Farthing, are all small coins. It is believed that all of these coins could be in circulation at the same time. The treasure was probably either accidentally lost or deliberately hidden in the late 1420s.

Mitton Hoard