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Crosby Garrett Helmet

The Crosby Garrett Chalet is a copper alloy Roman cavalry chalet dating from the late 2nd or early 3rd century AD. It was discovered by an unnamed metal detector near Crosby Garrett in Cumbria, England, in May 2010. Later research showed that a Romano-British farming settlement occupied the site where the helmet was found, which was a few miles from the Roman settlement. road and fort of the Roman army . It is possible that the owner of the helmet was a local who served in the Roman cavalry.

It appears that the helmet was deliberately folded and placed in an artificial stone structure. It is believed that it was used for ceremonies rather than combat and may have been an antique by the time it was buried. It is the same type as the Newstead helmet (found in 1905) and its design also bears similarities to the Ribchester helmet (found in 1796) and the Hallaton helmet (found in 2000), although its facial features are more similar to those of helmets found in southern Europe. Its design may refer to the Trojans, whose exploits the Romans played out in cavalry tournaments.

Ralph Jackson, senior curator of Roman-British collections at the British Museum, described the helmet as "...an extremely interesting and extremely important find ... Its face mask is both extremely finely worked and frighteningly striking, but it is the same ensemble in which the helmet is so exceptional and unparalleled in its characteristics. It is a find of the greatest national (and, indeed, international) importance."

On October 7, 2010, the helmet was sold at Christie's for £2.3 million ($3.6 million) to an undisclosed private buyer. The Tully House Museum and Art Gallery in Carlisle tried to purchase the helmet with the support of the British Museum, but the offer was outbid. To date, the helmet has been publicly displayed four times: once at the 2012 exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts at Tullie House in 2013-2014, and then at the British Museum in 2014. The helmet returned to Tullie House for display. at the Hadrian's Cavalry exhibition in the summer of 2017.

Crosby Garrett Helmet