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Silsden Hoard

The Silsden Treasure is a collection containing 27 gold coins of late British Iron Age date and a Roman iron finger ring.

The treasure was discovered in 1998 by Jeff Walbank using a metal detector in a field at Silsden in West Yorkshire, England. The treasure was declared a treasure before being acquired by Bradford Art Galleries and Museums in 2000. The treasure is now on display at Cliff Castle Museum in Keighley, not far from where it was found.

The Silsden Hoard contained 27 gold staters dating back to the first century A.D. Most of the coins were issued by Cunobelin at various times during his reign. Others were issued by his brother Epatikk . Korieltauwi coins were also part of the treasure.

In addition to the coins, an iron ring was also found, almost certainly of Roman origin. The ring contains a gem with a human figure. The exact manner in which it became part of the treasure is still a matter of debate.