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Trinity Hoard

The Trinity Warehouse is a collection of Bronze Age objects, including 23 bronze axes found in Jersey City in 2012.

The treasure trove of Late Bronze Age objects (circa 1000 BC) was discovered inside a clay container about 30 cm below the ground in October 2012 by metal detectorist Ken Reeve in Trinity Parish, north Jersey. The Jersey Heritage conservator was able to be present at the find before excavation began. The container was about 30 cm in diameter, the size of a soccer. The container was damaged, probably by a plow, which released two axes. There was other material at the site, including shards of broken pottery not related to the main find.

Initially only two protruding axes were identified, but after X-ray scanning at the Jersey airport , at least 21 axes were seen in the pot. The first two axes were subjected to X-ray fluorescence scanning at Cranfield University, which showed that the bronze alloy had a very high lead content (almost 55%). This high level of lead content would have made the axes too soft for practical use, suggesting that they were prestige objects that were accumulated as a sign of wealth. A container of earthenware was opened by conservators, and a total of 25 axes were retrieved into the care of Jersey Heritage and treated to the recommendations of the British Museum. An exhibit from the hoard was installed at the Jersey Museum in December 2012.

The find came a few months after another important find in Jersey, the Grouville Hoard, which included about 70,000 Celtic coins as well as gold and silver jewelry.

Trinity Hoard