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Malone Hoard

Evidence of a Neolithic axe quarry at the foot of Tivebulliaga has been found. Flint axe heads made of porcellanite, which originate from this quarry, have been found throughout the British Isles, from the Outer Hebrides to the south coast of England and throughout the rest of Ireland. The site has been compared to the Langdale axe industry based in the English Lake District and the quarries at Penmanmoor in North Wales, where large quantities of stone axes were produced .

Around the hill and peak were found splinters, scraps and unfinished axes. It was here that the axes were sharpened before being finished by the sea. They were then exported to southwest Ireland, southeast England, and northeast Scotland. No finished axes have been found at the site itself.

"The Malone Treasure," consisting of 19 polished stone axes of porcellanite Tievebulliagh or similar material from Brockley on Rathlin, was found at Danesfort House, on Malone Road, Belfast. Some axes were inserted vertically into the ground. The axes may be too large and heavy for practical use, so may have been intended for ceremonial purposes. They are now in the Ulster Museum in Belfast.


Malone Hoard