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Ballytegan Hoard

In January 1967, while mining sand on Mr. Joseph's lands.
Smith, Ridge, Ballytegan, Port Laois, Laois County, a group of bronze objects Identified that proved interesting individually, and all the more so perhaps because of their association in a closed find. The site of the discovery was near the top of a sand and gravel ridge called Noxie (300 feet above OD), which is an exception to the esker commonly referred to as "Mary District Ridge." 

The treasure of objects was found about 18 inches below the surface in a small hole about lft. in diameter and 6 inches deep. This was excavated from the sand and filled, according to Mr. Smith, with something that "looked like pottery clay." All of the objects described below were found by Mr. Smith in the pit.

It was believed that some additional objects may have fallen from the face of the sand pit when the treasure was discovered, but Mr. Smith could not uncover any other materials. Thus, it may be concluded that what Mr. Smith handed over to the National Museum was a complete treasure trove. When first noticed, three large rings lay flat at the bottom of a small hole one in the other, and pins and bronze axes were lying close by.