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Glenfaba Hoard

The largest and highest quality Viking hoard found on the Isle of Man was discovered by a metal detector that immediately reported the find, allowing for proper excavation. The silver hoard from Glenfaba is also the most diverse to date and contains 464 Hiberno-Norse and Anglo-Saxon coins, 25 ingots and a large silver armband found with fragments of its original container. After preservation, the treasure was displayed at the Manks Museum on the island.

The period after the Vikings saw the island alternate between Scottish and English rule for about 100 years, and it seems that the resulting insecurity caused several coin hoards to be buried around the island. They range from hoards with 30 coins from the early 1300s to over 600 coins from the same period. Most of these hoards contain coins minted in Ireland, Scotland and England, reflecting the influence of and trade with their immediate neighbors at the time.