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Lindholm Amulet

The Amulet of Lindholm, listed DR 261 in Rundata, is a piece of bone, carved in the shape of a rib, dated from the 2nd to the 4th century (late Roman Iron Age) and has runic inscriptions. The piece of Lindholm's bone dates from 375-570 AD and is about 17 centimeters long at its longest points. It is now in the Historical Museum of Lund University in Sweden. 

It was found in 1840 in Skåne, Sweden, while cutting peat from a bog. This cut the bone in half and resulted in the destruction of one rune in the second line of text, although most of the artifact remained intact.

These runic objects were offered water in the swamps, the same is probably true in other regions in lakes and streams, but these objects are harder to obtain. The swamps provide near-perfect preservation of these types of artifacts due to the static muddy waters, allowing them to lie untouched and inaccessible for thousands of years.