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Unique 6th century gold lady found in Denmark

Three metal detector enthusiasts scanning a field on the Danish island of Bornholm in early May discovered a stylized gold figure of a nude woman. She is quite tiny, less than 1.7 inches tall and weighing only three grams, but her creator managed to fit many details into this small space.

Her slender body is elongated and gently curved and may have been carved from a single, thin bar of gold. Her face is modiglian in length with a prominent jaw and strong features. Her hair is represented by bands carved into the back of her head and forehead. Her arms extend to her waist, but just below her shoulders there are depressions on either side, which may indicate that her hands have been tied to her body. Her fingers point downward, touching the waistband, carved in a zigzag pattern, and her thumbs extend horizontally toward each other, meeting under her sagging breasts. Her genitals are unmistakable between her slender, short but remarkably slender legs with alternating curves of buttocks, knees, calves, and gracefully pointed feet. When viewed from the side, her legs give the impression that she is hopping or standing on her tiptoes.

The detail on the back is of particular interest because it has never been seen before. The concave part of her back is decorated with what archaeologists call "teeth". In my opinion, they look more like steps. Since this is the first example of such a pattern found, its meaning is unclear.

Earlier, other gold statuettes were found in this field. The first one was found in 2009. It is the fifth and only female.