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Anglo-Saxon Square headed Brooch

Anglo-Saxon brooch with a square head. Approximately 6th century. Copper alloy, 126.81 mm. Impressive Anglo-Saxon large brooch with square head, showing various forms of early Anglo-Saxon art. Hines Type XIII. The rectangular headplate is decorated on three sides with a border of openwork double spiral bands surrounding a square panel. In the center is an intricate pattern forming two stylized beasts facing each other. Below the head is the bow, which is arc-shaped with extreme and central longitudinal pronounced ribs ending at the foot. At the junction of the bow and footplate is a small stylized human face mask between two outward-facing bird-like creatures with their heads turned downward. The footboard frame consists of three blades, one on each side projecting outward, both with a smaller bird-like creature at the bottom and a larger lower terminal blade. A series of fringed bands run along the entire perimeter of the footplate. The inside of the body is detailed with a broad central stripe that connects the human face to the terminal lobe, creating a separation between two triangular panels enclosing triangles bordered by pellets. Reference: A similar brooch is known from Little Wilbraham (#158). Type XIII Hines is common in Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire. Ex Art and Ancient. Property of a private collector from Great Britain.