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Fragment of a face and figure jug

Found during an observation at 82 Hyde Street, Winchester, Hampshire, in 1954.

This fragment of pottery from a tall clay jug formed part of the jug's torso, just below the rim. The lower part of the face at the top of the fragment, when complete, formed the pouring neck of the jug. A cleanly shaven jaw and nose are visible. Also preserved are the left hand and the right hand, which appears to be holding a key. Beneath the glaze of the jug, there is a colored underglaze that decorates the jug and highlights the figure's clothing and hands. Face jugs usually depict caricatures of authority figures. Many depict knights or bearded men. One specimen in the Winchester City Museum depicts a presumably religious figure praying. The key-holder may well have been seen as an important person in society. The pot may have reminded medieval residents of Hyde of someone they knew in their community or at nearby Hyde Abbey.