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Gilded copper-alloy pin

Post-medieval, probably early 17th century

Found during excavations by the archaeology department of the Winchester Museum Service at St. Bartholomew's School, Saxon Road, Winchester, Hampshire, in 1983.

The pin is rather fanciful, its gilded head in the form of a draped and knotted scarf decorated with a floral ornament, and it must have been of some value. Dating from the early 17th century, it may have belonged to someone who lived in the fine townhouse built on the site of Hyde Abbey after the dissolution of the monasteries in the late 1530s.

A copper alloy pin with a gilded copper alloy head in the form of a draped and knotted scarf. The head, cast separately, is attached to the rod with lead-tin solder, a rather weak attachment that is reinforced by a small loop of copper alloy running from the back of the bottom of the head around the rod. This prevents the head from being pushed upward. The upper part of the head is decorated with an exquisite engraved floral ornament. Probably dates from the beginning of the seventeenth century and is in the soil layer of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.