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Viking Punch Bowl

This is a traditional Viking punch bowl, dated 1893 and located in New York, New York. It was made in mid-Atlantic America of iron, silver, gold, and wood. Such bowls were kept on Norman ships and were used to serve drinks to the Vikings. This particular bowl was made by Tiffany & Co. and still exists today.

After the Magnolia vase, the most impressive metal object displayed by Tiffany & Company at the 1893 Chicago Exposition was the punch bowl, an epic example of the fascination with past civilizations in the late nineteenth century. Tiffany's exhibition catalog described the eight shapes at the top of the bowl as "resembling the bow of a Norman boat."

The different materials in this bowl of metal and wood contrast so well with each other, and the attention to detail on the bowl itself is gorgeous. One can only imagine how difficult it would have been to drink directly from it with the metal parts sticking out, but it is likely that it was only used to hold the punch and the cup was used to drink it.


Viking Punch Bowl