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Bossed penannular brooch

Silver fragment (hacksaw) cut from the subtriangular end of a boss-like peranular brooch with a beaded border and three of probably four preserved simple domed bosses, two of which have thick filigree collars remaining around the bases; The bosses are connected by two short beaded bands with even edges, dividing the fragment into three fields of decoration, one of which at the wide end surrounds an inward-facing Johansen type 4 creature animal with a square snout, a dotted eye, and a beaded band body twisted around to intertwine with its own simple, one-toed limbs with spiral thighs (only one front leg is shown); the smaller of the other two fields contains the preserved head and two legs of a similar animal, and the third field contains a bird of the Johansen 1b creature type with a curved beak and a body of beaded ribbon interwoven with part of the body and neck of the second bird. The back is lightly notched with double rings around the heads of the rivets fastening the beads and with a possible line of the inscription ogam connecting the two circles at the end; there is a control notch on the longest edge.