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Bone plaque or button

School/style: Mammen style

Cultures/periods: Viking (Late Viking Period)

Found/Acquired: Europe: British Isles: England: Thames, River

Materials: Bone

Bone plaque or button, circular, depicting a man (head absent) with legs turned upward and connected to the body by two intertwined animals; a hole in the back.


Graham-Campbell 1980.

Round bone plaque or button, flat convex section, broken at the top, where the front originally extended upward in the shape of a human head. The front is carved in relief in a simple frame. The reverse is partially hollowed and laterally perforated to form a togle-like mount. The ornament consists of a man with his legs raised so that his feet are under his armpits. His body is double contoured and filled with granulation; the shoulders and thighs are marked with spirals. The head is broken off; only the tip of the beard is preserved. Two snakes are intertwined with his limbs and waist.