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School/style: Jellinge style; Trewhiddle styl.

Cultures/periods: Viking; Late Anglo-Saxon.

Production date: 10thC(early).

Materials: silver.

A silver engraved rectangular side panel from a house-shaped tomb casket. The engraved ornament consists of three circles with even borders, in each of which is placed an equilateral cross with a center punch. The crosses have a narrowed middle rib; on the two horizontal shoulders of the cross on the right, it turns into a narrow narrowed border. On the remaining margins, within the circles and between them, there are interwoven triquetry, the central of which is beaten, the rest simple. The corners of the plate are pierced for attachment, and the entire pattern is surrounded by a beaten line, missing in the lower right corner. The plate has been trimmed and punched for secondary rivets. The back is flat.